Lash #14


Lash #14

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Vendor: Rose Gold Dropship

: Lashes

Black band natural mink lashes. Lashes come in the exact tray color you see. NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENT UNLESS YOU ORDER PRIVATE LABEL!

Please note we do offer Private label lashes. A minimum of 20 lashes are required to select your package color. (Black, silver, or gold) And to have your logo on the package.(It'll be on the center of the white tray) You must provide your logo. Please note if you select this option, it may take 2-3 weeks to be delivered. Custom options(ex adding your logo) Takes more time. The uncharge is $65 to private label your lash order, in addition to a MINIMUM of purchasing 20 lashes. Private labeling is not available for orders under 20 lashes. You CAN mix lashes if you purchase the private label service.

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