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Hair Subscription Box

Rose Gold Hair Subscription Box

Join the RoseGold Hair Subscription to receive discounted hair extensions, priced way below market value. One monthly fee allows you to shop for our discounted bundle prices. You'll be charged on the 15th of every month. All hair orders ship by the 14th of every month. You get to select from our processed hair, starting at $60 per bundle and raw hair starting at $85 per bundle. 

We know you won't need hair every month, so on the months you're not purchasing hair, we'll have a special curated hair extension box full of products for you to use on your extensions.

As a member there is no monthly obligation to keep your subscription. You may cancel at anytime and your membership will still be valid for 30 days.(Meaning if you decide to join the program again, you can do so without having to pay the $50 one time fee again, if you do so within 30 days of canceling your subscription) You may also pause your subscription twice a year for up to 60 days. No Commitments, No Obligations, No Worries!